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Z4 DC Electric Motor

The motors are class F insulated, with reliable insulting construction and impregnating process, ensuring stable dielectric performance and excellent heat dissipation.

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Z4 DC Electric Motor

The angular shape of the machine makes good use of space. the motors have laminated yokes, which means that when used  on rectifier power supplies they can endure both ripple current and rapid current change(load change) under dynamic condition. the stator design leads to high  accuracy of pole spacing and consequent good communication. 



Series Z4d-c machines are newly developed products of our company. The products are found side use foe prime mover in various machinery, such as mill auxiliary in metallrugical industry, metal cutting machine tool, paper making, print, textile, printing and dyeing, cement-making, plastic extruding machine, etc.


The motors possess the features of small size, good performance, light weight, large output,high effiency and reliability, being able to match the current internatinal advanced level. 

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