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High Voltage 6KV-10KV Electric Induction Motor

High voltage motor refers to motor with rated voltage over 1000V. The commonly used voltage is 6000V and 10000V. Due to the different power grids in foreign countries, there are also voltage levels of 3300V and 6600V. High voltage motor is due to the motor power is proportional to the product of the voltage and current, so the low voltage electrical power increases to a certain degree (such as 300 kw / 380 v) current limited to allow bear ability of the wire is hard to do big, or too expensive. High power output needs to be achieved by increasing the voltage. The high voltage motor has the advantages of high power and strong shock resistance

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High Voltage 6KV-10KV Electric Induction Motor
Driven   MachineBlower, Fan

Machine type   codeY2-400-6

machine typeSquirrel cage motor

Mounting designationIM 1001

protected by enclosureIP55

method of coolingIC411

Insulation / Temp. riseClass F/Class B


Ambient temperature, Max45°C

Altitude max.1000 m.a.s.l

rated output   / duty type330 KW / S1

voltage / frequency6300 V/ 50 Hz

rated current39 A

rated speed990 rpm

relat.   starting current5.5

relat. starting torque1

relat. Maximum torque2.1

no load current15 A

rated torque3183 Nm

load   charataritics Load%Current AEffeciency %Power factor




connection of   stator windingStar

direction of rotationBi-directional

sound   pressure level
    sinus supply , no load
77 dB(A), tolerance + 3dB(A), 1 m

rotor / load inertia14.3 kgm2 / 485 kgm2

maximum   stalling time18 s (warm)

starting time16.2 s (U= Un)
    28.0 s (U= 0.85Un)

number of conseq. Starts2/1 (cold/warm)

maximum number of starts1000 / year

Forces on the foundation,
    2-phase short circuit
Static 14.2 ± 4.5 KN
    Dynamic: 14.2 ± 30.3 KN


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