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High Effiency Three Phase Electric Motor

The motors are used to drive various machineries, such as blowers, compressor, water pumps, and stock-removing machines. It can be serve as the prime movers in coal mines, mechanical industry, power plants and carious industrial enterprises.

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High Effiency Three Phase Electric Motor


Product Introduction:

High Effiency Three Phase Electric Motor:

Frame size(such as:Y-3551-4)    Mounting Type(IMB3)

Rated Power(220KW)                    Protection Degree(IP23)

Rated Voltage(6000v)                  Cooling Method(IC01)

Rated Frequency(50HZ)              Insulation Class( Class F)

Synchronous Speed(1500r/min) 

Ambient Conditions(altitude should not be over 1000m above sea level, ambient temperature varying with seasons should not exceed 40 degree)

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