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High Torque Industrial Electric Motor

‚ÄčThe motor adopts box-shaped structure, the base is welded into the box shape by the steel plate, the weight is light and the rigidity is good.

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High Torque Industrial Electric Motor


Product Introduction:

On both sides of the base and the top of the open a window, on the one hand to facilitate the maintenance of the motor, on the other hand, the top of the installation of different coolers, you can derive different cooling methods and different degrees of protection of the motor. The stator adopts the external pressure structure, the stator winding adopts F class insulation material, the motor adopts the reliable anti-corona measures, the winding end is reliably fixed and bound, and the vacuum pressure impregnation solvent-free paint process (VPI) Insulation performance, high mechanical strength, moisture-proof ability, long service life.

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