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YR Series High Voltage Three Phase Motor

The motor has such advantage as energy-saving, low noise, low vibration,, light weight,and reliable performance. They are easy for installation and maintenance.

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YR Series High Voltage Three Phase Motor

The motor can generate larger starting torque at the state of relativelv lower starting current and the speed can be adjusted within a limited range. It is suitable for the following applications: A larger starting torque is required that can not be obtained from a  squirrel-cage motor.


The capacity of the feeder line is insufficient to start a squiirel-cage motor. 

Applications where the longer starting time and frequent atrting are needed.

adjustment of speed is needed within a limited range such as windlass,press machines, drawing machines, etc.




The YR-series motor adopt Class-F insulation. The beating structure is designed according to IP54, and grease lubrication are used. Non-stoping oil-filled and oil-discharging units are provided.


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