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the energy loss of electric motor

The composition of the energy loss of asynchronous motor

1, copper loss: stator copper loss, rotor copper loss and stray loss.

2, iron core loss.

3, mechanical loss: ventilation loss, friction loss.

According to the energy loss of asynchronous motors listed above, copper loss and iron loss are not changed during maintenance. They are determined by design, while mechanical losses can be changed. Generally speaking, the asynchronous motor generally has fewer series, that is, the motor consumption with high rotation speed is large, and the copper loss is small. Therefore, we want to reduce the energy loss of the motor to reduce the mechanical loss of the motor to start with the solution.

2. The main method to reduce the mechanical loss of the motor is to reduce the mechanical loss of the motor from the following aspects.

(1) a high efficiency fan (such as a wing type axial flow fan);

(2) adjust the hood with the clearance between the fan blade excircle;

(3) the light load motor can reduce the outer diameter of the fan properly.

(4) the use of high quality bearings;

(5) the use of high quality lubricating oil;

(6) improve the quality of motor assembly;

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