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turn 3 phase electric motor into generator

Three phase synchronous motor can be used directly as a generator without modification, and it can not be used as a generator.

The three-phase asynchronous motor connects three capacitors on the three terminals of the stator winding, and three capacitor star connections can be transformed into three phase asynchronous generator.

The three-phase motor is when the three-phase stator winding (the difference between the 120 electrical degrees), pass into the three-phase alternating current, will produce a rotating magnetic field, the rotating magnetic field cutting rotor windings, thus the induced current in the rotor winding (the rotor winding is closed, the rotor current carrying conductor path) will produce electromagnetic force in the stator rotating magnetic field, so as to form the electromagnetic torque of the rotating shaft of the motor and drive the rotation of the motor and the motor rotation direction and rotation direction of the same magnetic field.