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Ac Induction Slip Ring Re-rolling Mill Motor Factory

Sep 18, 2017

ac induction slip ring re-rolling mill motor factory

Winding motor frequency change note 1., squirrel cage motor and wound motor what is the difference between when are used? D: the squirrel cage rotor is made of copper bars installed in the rotor core slot, and the ends are welded with end rings. The shape is like a mouse cage. Medium and small rotors are generally cast aluminum. The windings and stator winding - wound rotor is similar to that of the three-phase windings connected into a star, three line connected to the three copper ring arranged on the rotating shaft, through a set of brushes is connected with the external circuit. Due to the squirrel cage motor has simple structure, low price, control the motor operation is relatively simple, so widely used. While the motor winding structure is complex, the price is high, the motor control operation is relatively complex, its application is relatively less. But due to the winding motor starting, the greater the torque in general, used in heavy load.

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