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Coal Mines High Efficiency Motor

Sep 28, 2017

Coal Mines High Efficiency Motor

Measures to increase efficiency of motor. Motor energy saving is a systems engineering, involving the whole life cycle of the motor, the motor manufacturing from design, motor selection, operation, adjustment, repair, scrap, to consider the energy saving measures from the motor to the life cycle of the effect, the main consideration to improve the motor efficiency from the following aspects.

The design of energy saving motor refers to the use of optimization design technology, new material technology, control technology, integration technology, testing technology and other modern design methods, reduce power loss of the motor, improving the efficiency of the motor, the design of efficient motors.

In converting the electric energy to mechanical energy, the motor itself also loses part of its energy, and the typical AC motor loss can be divided into three parts: fixed loss, variable loss and stray loss. Variable losses vary with load, including stator resistance loss (copper loss), rotor resistance loss, and brush resistance loss. Fixed losses are independent of load, including core loss and mechanical loss. Iron loss by hysteresis loss and eddy current loss which is proportional to the square of the voltage, the hysteresis loss also varies inversely with the frequency; the other is the stray loss mechanical loss and other losses, including bearing friction loss and rotor fan, etc. due to windage loss caused by rotation;