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High Quality Single-phase Capacitor-run Asynchronous Electric Motor

Oct 27, 2017

single phase asynchronous motor

Single phase asynchronous motor consists of stator, rotor, bearing, casing and end cover.

The stator consists of a frame and an iron core with windings. The core is made up of silicon steel sheets, and the groove is embedded with two sets of main winding (also called running winding) and auxiliary winding (also called starting winding winding), which are 90 degrees apart from each other. The main winding is connected with AC power supply, and the auxiliary winding is connected to the centrifugal switch S or starting capacitor, operating capacitor, etc., and then the power supply is connected to the power supply.

The rotor is a squirrel cage cast aluminum rotor, which is inserted into the groove of the core by aluminum and then cast the end ring together to make the rotor bar short circuited into the squirrel cage type.

Single phase asynchronous motor is divided into single-phase resistance starting asynchronous motor, single-phase capacitor starting asynchronous motor, single-phase capacitor running asynchronous motor and single-phase double value capacitor asynchronous motor.