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How Motor Works

Jan 31, 2018

Stator (stationary part)

1, the stator core --- motor part of the magnetic circuit, and placed on the stator winding.

2, the stator winding --- is the circuit part of the motor, access to three-phase AC, resulting in rotating magnetic field.

3, the base --- fixed stator core and the front and back cover to support the rotor, and play a protective, cooling and other effects.

stator stack lamination.jpg

Rotor (rotating part)

1, the rotor core --- as part of the motor circuit and the iron core slot placed rotor winding.

2, the rotor winding --- cutting stator rotating magnetic field induced electromotive force and current, and the formation of electromagnetic torque and motor rotation.


Other accessories

1, cover --- support role.

2, the bearing --- rotating parts and fixed parts.

3, bearing cover --- protect the bearings.

4, the fan --- cooling motor.