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Motor Maintenance

May 10, 2016

(1) external observation. Observe the winding end of junction boxes, with or without burning, overheating of the winding left Brown and smelly.

(2) research on temperature method. No-load running 20 minutes (when an exception is found should cease immediately), touch each of windings with the back part is above normal.

(3) the power test. Measured with a meter, if an excessive current, indicating that the short circuit.

(4) bridge inspection. Measurement of DC resistance of the winding, general difference should not exceed 5% above, if the resistance is small one-phase short circuit fault.

(5) short circuit detector method. Winding short circuit to be measured, the sheet steel may vibrate.

(6) method of a multimeter or ohmmeter. Any measurement of two-phase winding insulation resistance, minimal or zero reading indicates that the second-phase winding short circuit between phases.

(7) the voltage drop method. After series three-winding into the low voltage safety AC, reading small one group faults were detected.

(8) the current method. Motor no-load operation, measuring three-phase current, replacing the two-phase measurement and comparison, if we do not change with the power switch, the larger a winding short circuit current.