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Synchronous Motors China

Oct 30, 2017

The difference between synchronous motor and asynchronous motor

1, the biggest difference lies in the synchronous and asynchronous rotor speed at his door is not consistent with the stator rotating magnetic field velocity, if the rotating speed and the stator rotor is the same, it is called synchronous motor, if not, called asynchronous motor...

2, when the poles are certain, the speed and frequency of the motor have a strict relationship, in terms of motor, that is synchronous. Asynchronous motor is also called induction motor, mainly used as motor, the rotor speed is always less than the synchronous motor when it works.

3: the so-called "synchronization" is the current flowing through the winding armature (stator), will form a rotating magnetic field in the air gap, and the direction of rotation of the magnetic field and the rotation speed of the rotor and the steering speed is the same, so for synchronization. If there is a relative rotation speed between the rotating magnetic field and the rotor, that is to say, the asynchronous motor will produce a rotating distance.

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