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IE2 High Effieiency Electric Motor

YE2 series (IP55) high efficiency three phase asynchronous motor (Frame Size 80mm to 355mm), is to achieve energy efficiency limit value of Low pressure totally enclosed fan cooled squirrel cage three phase asynchronous motor.

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IE2 High Effieiency Electric Motor

The three phase asynchronous motor of the YE2 series is in line with the third efficiency standard in the provisions of GB 18613-2012 "the energy efficiency limit and the energy efficiency rating of small and medium-sized three-phase asynchronous motors". And the improvement of the efficiency in its design is in line with the state's requirements on the energy saving and consumption reducing of the manufacturing sector.


It has good features like optimum structure,attractive appearence,low noise,high efficiency, high protection class as well as high insulation class. YE2 series motors can be widely used in various kinds of general use machines like fans, pumps, machine tools, compressors, transportation and so on, and can also be used in hazardous areas with oil and chemical, steel plants, mining industry.


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