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YE3 Series Motor

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    YE3 series (IP55) super-high efficiency three phase asynchronous motor (Frame Size 80mm to 355mm), is to achieve energy efficiency limit value of Low pressure totally enclosed fan cooled squirrel cage three phase asynchronous motor. Read More

  • YE3 Series Foot Mounted Motor

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    YE3 Series Foot Mounted Motor

    Production Description The YE3 series of ultra high efficiency three phase asynchronous motors with high strength cast iron structure, have the characteristics of ultra high efficiency, beautiful appearance, low noise, little vibration, and can be applied to fan, pump, compressor, construction... Read More

  • YE3 Series 3 Phase Ac Electric Motor Horizontal Motor

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    YE3 Series 3 Phase Ac Electric Motor Horizontal Motor

    YE3 Motor Description: YE3 Motor is super high efficiency energy-saving motor. And they have a lot of advantages including super high efficiency, energy saving, large starting torque, excellent performance, low noise, low vibration, high reliability, easy operation & servicing etc. While the... Read More

  • High Efficiency Motors

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    High Efficiency Motors

    YE3 Series motor is used to various fields of national economy, such as machine tools, pumps, fans, compressors, also apply to the transport, stirring, printing, agricultural machinery, and other types of food not contain flammable, explosive or corrosive gas applications. Read More