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YEJ Series Motor

  • YEJ Three Phase Motors

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    YEJ Three Phase Motors

    YEJ series of motors is another way of electromagnetic braking, electrical performance in line with YE3 motor requirements, brake performance is excellent, to achieve rapid braking after the motor power, power outage, the immediate release of the brake. Read More

  • YEJ Types Motor

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    YEJ Types Motor

    Adopting the national uniform design,YEJ series three phase induction motors, are conformity with IEC34 1 and JB/T8680.1 1998 standards, also up to the international advanced level 90' s as substitute of YEJ series induction motors, It possesses sophisticated features such as new structure, good... Read More

  • Break Motor

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    Break Motor

    YEJ series three phase squirrel cage induction motors are totally enclosed fan-cooled and it was designed according to IEC standard and has a lot of features such as prompt braking, compact structure, high efficiency, energy saving, high reliability, large starting torque etc. Read More

  • Electrical Engine

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    Electrical Engine

    YEJ series electric motors are suitable for mechanism that requires prompt braking, accurate positioning, repeat running, and frequent starting and avoid slipping. Such as elevating machinery, transportation machinery, packing machinery, food machinery, printing machinery, reducers etc. Read More